Potentially Explosive Hazardous Areas

The law

Prior to 2003, there was no law covering the installation and use electrical equipment in areas that could be potentially explosive. Two European Directives have now been introduced:

From 1st July 2003 it is a mandatory requirement for ALL potentially hazardous areas to be suitably identified and assessed. The plant, equipment and systems in these areas must be certified, approved and maintained.

Guidance on maintenance, which includes the inspection and testing of electrical installations in hazardous areas, is set down in various European Standards. The British version being the BS EN 60079 series.

What PES can offer

Testing Many clients do not have the necessary understanding of the legislation, nor the expertise to ensure compliance. Electrical installations and ongoing maintenance of plant, equipment and systems in potentially explosive hazardous area must be of a standard to satisfy the requirements of the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR).

Professional Engineering Services Ltd is fully skilled in providing compliant installations for use in potentially explosive hazardous areas. All work is certified under the requirements of BS EN 7671 by COMPEX certified inspection and test engineers.

Contact Professional Engineering Services for advice on the regulations, approach to compliance and what it means to the end user - all with out obligation.